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Kings of Olympus


Our Mission

The Kings of Olympus Mastermind aims to bring highly ambitious, like-minded people together to help foster exponential personal growth. We do this by sharing our knowledge in financial markets, our knowledge in business building, and our knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ.


What We Offer:

- Educational Material on Options, Crypto, AI, Trading Strategies and more

- Macro Market Updates on $SPY, $BTC, and Other Market Indicators

- Opinions on ~8-12 Crypto or Leverage Crypto Trades per Month

- Monthly Breakdown of Monthly Macro Economic Data

- One Full Group Educational Call per Week

- Networking Opportunities


TikTok Monetization:

-Breakdowns on Going Viral, TT Affiliate Program, TT Creativity Beta Program

- Guide on Setting up TikTok Shop and Getting Started as a Seller

-How to Bypass TikTok Affiliate requirements for Free

-Become Affiliate and Start Earning Day 1

-Breakdown of TikTok Algorithm

-Content Ideas


or join the waitlist for next month. Only 10 new members per month.

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